Achievements of Spas by Hydroconcept

After validation of the Concept Design and final, the Spa construction process is of crucial importance for the success of your project.

Our team dedicated to the achievement follows a precise and rigorous methodology:

  • the business manager monitors and supervises the spa project in all its aspects – coordination, manufacturing, logistics, installation – so that the contracting authority has a single point of contact;
  • our detailed manufacturing plans and data sheets allow the owner and his architect to validate each aesthetic, technical and functional aspects ;
  • production is monitored with particular attention for each customer in our factories and at our partners, who are all based in the EU and have high quality standards;
  • the installation is carried out by our experienced technicians and specialized in the Spa, supervised by the technical director;
  • Finally commissioning and training, on-site staff, for the use and maintenance of the equipment, with submission of the file of the works carried out DOE - Construction Phase and Handover

Our works are covered by a French ten-year guaranty.

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Do you want to create a Spa or a water park, in a public or private setting, and are looking for a reliable and innovative partner to carry out your project?