Kids SPA Concept Kids SPA Concept Kids SPA Concept

Kids SPA Concept


In order to better meet the demands of our customers who are looking for a reliable and innovative partner to dedicate part of their Park or Hotel to water pleasures suitable for children of all ages, Hydroconcept has created the KIDS SPA CONCEPT range.

The key to success is to allow young and old to fully enjoy their days and live a unique and secure experience within a park or hotel.

The KIDS SPA CONCEPT range that we have created offers new complementary activities to the SPA with themed mini pools, personalized water games, but our range of recreational activities for children goes beyond Spas. We also offer dry, indoor and outdoor activities, suitable for children from 6 months to 12 years old, which fits perfectly next to the wet parts.



It is the hotel sector that is most lacking in activities for children. It is a new concept, which adapts perfectly to the new younger family clientele, who are increasingly concerned about the well-being and development of their young children. We offer a diverse kids concept, with dry and wet, indoor or outdoor recreational activities for children of all age groups.

These attractions guarantee a delicious mix of fun and adventure between dry rides and wet play areas such as splashpads, small fountains and playful water jets.


This range is intended for those who wish to design a project open to the public with high profitability. We make our operational management experience available to help our customers choose the best equipment for their project, thanks to a network of multi-brand distributors.. A range specially designed to attract children and families, thanks to themed mini pools and personalized water games, Splashpads, Aquatowers, themed slides, wave pools, etc. For the KIDS SPA CONCEPT part, the continuous development of our water games products as well as our years of experience have resulted in a wide and diverse range of very shallow or flat pools, in order to create a water paradise. impressive for younger guests; a refreshing play area, designed for children aged 1 to 12. For our customers, this translates into innovative and cost-effective concepts, which enable year-round revenue security and profitability.



The customer will be able to draw inspiration from and choose the play areas directly from our catalogue, but each offer will be personalized according to the site, the spaces made available and according to the specific expectations of the customer with regard to the animation and the thematization of his Park. We offer a range specially designed to attract family customers and broaden the range of well-being for children, thanks to themed mini pools, personalized water games and a wide range of indoor games, suitable for all ages. Our main objective is to remain FAMILY-FRIENDLY, so that the whole family gets together to share a moment together. In addition, we support our customers in the field of personalization and theming of their attractions.