Hydrotherapy Hydrotherapy Hydrotherapy




  • 70 recorded massages, maximum duration 60 minutes
  • Power and control each jet autonomously and independently
  • Setting the speed of movement of the jets
  • Personalization of the therapeutic action and memorization
  • Touch screen and software under Windows interface
  • Water temperature regulation between 20° and 40°C
  • Dimensions: 212 x 103 xh 52 cm
  • Empty weight: 190kg – capacity: 330 liters 

High performance multi-jet baths


180 water jet nozzles, fully programmable massage on 6 zones one by one, by touch screen, 7 programs including 4 programmable. Automatic filling, emptying and rinsing. The Plus: translucent shell with colored light diffusion.

Dimensions: 214 x 160 xh 71 cm, 280 liters


Suitable for thermal water and seawater. 180 water jet nozzles, 50 air nozzles, programmable massage in 6 zones via touch screen, all-zone massage. Automatic emptying and rinsing, acrylic shell on 316L stainless steel frame with adjustable legs.

Dimensions: 219 x 102 xh 75 cm, 280 liters


180 water jet nozzles, 50 air nozzles by an independent air bath, programmable massage in 6 zones by touch screen, all-zone massage. Automatic draining and rinsing.

Dimensions: 224 x 105 xh 86 cm, 260 liters


240 air and water emulsion nozzles, automatic hydraulic valves with water or air piloting, programmable massage in 6 zones via touch screen. Automatic filling, emptying and rinsing, acrylic shell on 316L stainless steel frame with adjustable legs.

Dimensions: 220 x 105 xh 78 cm, 280 liters


Dry float bed, affusion and watermass


Once the massage and exfoliation treatments have been performed and the products applied, the platform disappears and the body enters a dry flotation surrounded by hot water. Ease of rinsing thanks to the outlying drain and the integrated spray. The weightlessness effect promotes deep relaxation and optimizes the action of treatment products. Dimensions: 231 x 107 xh 78 cm.


Lympho-aesthetic massage device that combines the benefits of hot water and essential oils for a slimming and relaxing treatment. The treatment protocol helps to smooth cellulite appearence and reshape the contours, while improving the quality and elasticity of the skin through defibrosis and circulatory action. Modularity: the device can be integrated into the specific wet table, the Hydromel flotation bed and combined with an affusion ramp. Space saving guaranteed. Dimensions with table: 219 x 89 xh 65-85 cm – Suitable for sea water and thermal water.

LIBRA AFFUSION TABLES, the best of affusion

This heated Corian treatment table, which can be adjusted in height and which can be tilted forwards and backwards, is equipped with a Dornbracht horizontal shower module. The affusion programs can be personalized by choosing the volume and the temperature of the water according to the desired effect: balancing, stimulating or relaxing. Ideal for all moist treatments such as: wraps, scrubs, soap and oil massages, etc. Integrated rinsing and water draining showerheads. Dimensions: 235 x 90 xh from 60 to 90 cm, arm height 195 cm


Waterproof mattress for massages, lighting of the resting surface, steam function.


1200 water points controlled by a computer system allowing real individualized massages in therapeutic sequences. 16 programs with variable durations of 10, 20, 30 or 40 minutes, customizable and usable with or without staff. Structure in white solid surface and stainless steel. Chromotherapy, music with Bluetooth interface, fragrance diffusion. Control touch screen. Dimensions: 220 x 80 x arm height between 70 and 110 cm, weight 140 kg


Structure in stainless steel to be installed on the ceiling, 387 water points, divided into 6 rain and 9 misting nozzles. Control touch screen with manual programming, 3 memorized programs of 10 minutes, chromotherapy. Ceiling version: 180 x 30 x 10 h cm – Wall version: 190 x 30 x 62 h cm


Suitable for outdoor treatments or wet treatments, this elegantly refined table meets all your comfort and work requirements. Adjustment of height, inclination, as well as backrest and footrest. Waterproof mattress base and cover. Dimensions: 203 x 80 xh 57-97 cm


Table for wet treatments, structure in EPS hard foam with covering in solid surface or in large format ceramic, color of your choice. Heating of the resting surface, rinsing spray, LED lighting of the base. Optional waterproof mattress. Dimensions 220 x 110 cm oval, 220 x 80 cm rectangular.