VIP Couples bath VIP Couples bath VIP Couples bath

VIP Couples bath


Hydromassage Spa bath in methacrylate with fiberglass reinforced shell. Innovative engineering to hide the motors under the edges of the tub, for a sleek design, with a suspended sculpture effect. Blower system with 20 preheated air nozzles. Pressure of the jets and colored lighting of the water adjustable by control screen placed on the edge.

Free standing version: visible frame in self-supporting stainless steel with 4 adjustable feet. Dimensions: 200 x 140 xh 51 cm. Built-in version: size 200 x 140 cm


Available in thermal water and seawater versions. Customizable with all the Stas Doyer professional hydrotherapy massage technic.

Dimensions: 180 x 180 xh 60 cm


Sanitary acrylic tank and polyester insulation, between 6 and 8 hydrotherapy massage jets, 2 air regulators, touch control panel, electronic control with safety system for the pump and level detector. Automatic emptying and overflow with suction (zero water waste). Stand with adjustable feet.


In resin, 8 water hydromassage jets, 24 air jets. Nozzles with the possibility of directional adjustment and complete closure. Digital system for automatic disinfection of the hydromassage circuit. Digital control panel with jet intensity adjustment. White or chromotherapy underwater lighting spot. Temperature hold function.

Dimensions: 190 x 150 xh 54 cm, 480 liters


Suitable for thermal water and seawater. Ergonomic Duo bath with a powerful hydrotherapy massage on 100 nozzles for the 2 places, programming by touch keyboard. Automatic emptying and rinsing, acrylic shell on 316L stainless steel frame with adjustable legs. Chromotherapy and music diffusion system by vibration of the shell.

Dimensions: 235 x 145 xh 73 cm, 330 liters


In solid Larch or Kambala Iroko wood, 12 air jets with integrated heater to maintain the temperature. Digital control panel with jet intensity adjustment. Outdoor protective cover. Comes in many shapes and sizes.

Dimensions: 168 x 106 xh 70 cm, 348 liters

Dimensions: DN 153, h 70 cm, 507 liters