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Ice experience

Installation of snow cabin for Spa



A rare and unexpected change of scenery in a well-being area, this cabin in a blueish atmosphere covered with snow with a temperature between -2°C and +2°C and a choice of decoration: fake rock walls, images of mountains, aged wood... Ideal for cooling off after a sauna session, the dry cold temperature of the snow cabin gently stimulates the metabolism, promotes the secretion of endorphins, softens the muscles and the skin.

After a passage in hot zone, this cold wellness area is excellent for blood circulation and the respiratory system. The fully insulated cabin is made up of 2 people.

The first area is the antichamber maintained at 10°C allowing the body to gradually get used to the cold. The second is a closed room where the temperature is between -2 and 2°C. It is completely covered in snow.

Hydroconcept offers the installation of these exceptional products currently in the most renowned spas around the world. The technic used being relatively imposing, the snow cabin cannot be installed everywhere.



Let yourself be surprised by a refreshing snowfall!

  • Soft and fine snow for gently rubbing the body without harming the skin
  • Low water consumption (7 l/h)
  • Pre-assembled system, easy installation in the false ceiling
  • Rapid snowmaking
  • Snow producer dimensions: 80 x 80 x 57 cm
  • The beauty of ice



This new cold attraction at 5-10°C, and totally customizable, innovates by creating a contrast of temperature and color in the sensory journey. Composed ofa wall of ice with chromotherapy and a crushed ice fountain, it will find its place anywhere, on a wall or in a dedicated room.

The fiber optics integrated strengthens the magical effects. This new sensory equipment seeks to be touched, allows one to cool off after a hammam or sauna. The bench seat can be heated for an unexpected comfort.



The ice fountain, is a essential equipment for quality spas. It is usually placed at spa center due to its ornamental quality. Iceis made by a machine of your choice (placed invisibly or covered on the ceiling) and distributed in the bowl or a stainless steel tray, or can be custumized with material of one's choice.  

Very decorative and allowing all customizations, the ice fountain warrants its place in high traffic areas. After a session in a heat experince, the guest takes the ice with their hands and massages the body with its fine ice to create a hot-cold contrast recommended in the Kneipp course. In addition to the undeniable playful aspect of this experience, the contrasting action of fine ice on the body has an invigorating and toning effect. In a sensory space, the ice fountain is the ideal complement after a steam bath or sauna.

Hydro concept has mastered the technique of this particular fountain for more than 12 years and offers original and personalized installations, scripted by animatied lights. A probe constantly detects the level of ice in order to keep it constant by creating an ice pyramid well proportioned within the bowl. The technical part can be installed in a ceiling or behind a partition, depending on the constraints of the area. Our Spa design office takes care of the plans and technical recommendations for each of your sensory projects:  snow cabin, snow shower, ice cave and ice fountain in your Spa.