The Kneipp treatment is based on the proven effects of cold water on the body. A Kneip path made up of small basins with different size pebbles, water temperature and water jets.


Diversifying the range of proposals for a well-being area, the foot spa is a place of gentle care, perfectly suited for blood circulation in the legs. The foot spa is a seat with a basin for your feet. A presence detector starts the session: the tank fills then empties alternately with hot and cold water according to an adjustable program and duration, for the greatest comfort of the guests.


The water, maintained at approximately 14°C, produces vascularization intensified by the hot-cold alternation.


After using Sauna and Steam, it is traditional in the Nordic countries to dive into cold water to cool down. The bucket shower allows you to live this moment in a very playful way. A wooden or stainless steel bucket filled with cold (or lukewarm) water is placed high up. By pulling on the cord, the bucket empties out over one's body: pleasure and sensations guaranteed! The bucket shower is equipped with an automatic filling system, so several people can enjoy the entertainment very quickly.