Tepidarium & Laconium Tepidarium & Laconium Tepidarium & Laconium

Tepidarium & Laconium

 This is the place of transition between the thermal experiences, such as hammams, saunas, and the colder zones. Its 36°C favor the natural regeneration of the human body by creating an optimal environment for the immune system. Place of absolute relaxation, the passage in tepidarium is not limited by time. A delicate, sensitive and comfortable space, allows decorators to show a well-being ambience. All customizations and decorative finishes are possible. They are only limited by the creativity of the designer. Loungers, floor and wall coverings and all added decorative elements, such as fountains or pools, can provide the elements with a particular atmosphere which will be reinforced by the appropriate lighting moods.


Place of transition between hot and cold zones, with an ideal temperature for the regeneration of the immune system.

Temperature 38°C – 40°C / Humidity 40% – 60%



Less hot than a sauna, less humid than a steam bath, it is undisputable.

Temperature 45°C – 60°C / Humidity 40% – 60%