Tepidarium & Laconium Spa Tepidarium & Laconium Spa Tepidarium & Laconium Spa

Tepidarium & Laconium Spa

This is the place of transition between the thermal experiences, such as hammams, saunas, and the colder zones. Its 36°C favor the natural regeneration of the human body by creating an optimal environment for the immune system. Place of absolute relaxation, the passage in tepidarium is not limited by time. A delicate, sensitive and comfortable space, allows decorators to show a well-being ambience. All customizations and decorative finishes are possible. They are only limited by the creativity of the designer. Loungers, floor and wall coverings and all added decorative elements, such as fountains or pools, can provide the elements with a particular atmosphere which will be reinforced by the appropriate lighting moods.


Place of transition between hot and cold zones, with an ideal temperature for the regeneration of the immune system.

Temperature 38°C – 40°C / Humidity 40% – 60%



Less hot than a sauna, less humid than a steam bath, it is undisputable.

Temperature 45°C – 60°C / Humidity 40% – 60%


 Integral Journey in Well-being and Beauty at Hydroconcept


After a special moment in the tepidarium or laconium, our visitors are invited to explore the bains steam et saunas infrared for experience full of to relax as well as well-being. our saunas infrared, designed to provide heat deep without the humidity of spaces traditional, allow to relax muscle and a sweating beneficial, promoting the elimination of toxins and relaxation of the body and themind.

In our spa, beauty and skincare full skin are essential. We offer a list de care professionals, ranging from massages to facials, all performed with products High quality. Our cabins care offer a space of tranquility to relax loosen and recharge our batteries, while our swimming pools and our bains hot tub invite to extend the stay in a relaxing aquatic environment.

The spaces de relaxation as well as to relax are carefully designed, integrating materials such as wood and stone, to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Of the sensory showers experience and bathtubs de Hydrotherapy complete the offer, allowing total immersion in well-being.

Our center is also a place of innovation, where the latest technologies in terms of benefits du spa and wellness are made available to our customers. THE projects de spa professional carried out by Hydroconcept highlight our expertise and our commitment to offering experience unique and tailor-made.

We are dedicated to providing a service quality, respectful of rights of of everyone, in a setting that invites letting go and relaxation deep. For more than'informations on our services, inspection prices, and details, on benefits specific to each space, do not hesitate to consult our fiche detailed or contact us directly. At Hydroconcept, each visitor is invited to experience a experience de well-being integral, where body, mind, and skin are pampered in a journey of to relax as well as beauty unmatched.