Create a course where sensations rhyme with well-being

The idea of ​​the course is at the basis of the sensory space: we don’t just put a sauna and a hammam next to each other in order to create a “spa”, rather we study and manufacture a coherent and experience-filled layout, with real mind-body benefits for the user, and valuable as such. This is of interest both for the end customer, who feels he can freely move while being guided in a true well-being journey, and for the operator and the investor, who do not have the management, constraints and costs associated with a dedicated staff.

The various animations and cabins’s layout allows for a cozy, intimate aspect of the Spa, avoiding the feeling of “crowd”: unlike big balneotherapy or thalassotherapy centers, when in the sensory space,the guest is in a relaxing and intimate atmosphere , in which different areas are separated and ingeniously arranged to optimize the benefits of the course. Information signs will guide users along the way.

Thanks to our three departments and in collaboration with your architect, we can take care of the creation, the manufacturing and the furnishing of your entire Spa.