After validation of the preliminary and final draft, the construction process of your Spa represents a decisive importance for the success of your project.

Our team dedicated to implementation follows a specific and rigorous methodology:

  • The project manager follows and supervises the project in all its aspects – coordination, manufacturing, logistics, installation – so that the client has a single person of reference;
  • Our detailed manufacturing plans and technical datasheets allow the client and his architect to validate each aesthetic, technical and functional aspect;
  • Production is followed with special attention for each customer in our factories and with our partners, all of whom are based in the U.E. and have high quality standards;
  • The installation is carried out by our technicians, all experienced and specialized in the Spa business, and supervised by the technical director;
  • Then follows the commissioning and on-site staff training on use and maintenance of equipments, with turning over of executed DOE workfiles.

Our files are covered by a ten-year French insurance.