The range designed for hotels and spa

From solutions dedicated to suites and small areas to the layout of entire rooms, we brand to equip high quality fitness areas with a global approach:

  • Assistance with the mock-ups
  • Interior design
  • Training programmes
  • Personal coaching
  • Management advice
  • Marketing assistance


Enjoy fluid pedalling thanks to an exclusive hydraulic resistance system with 4 effort levels. Height and depth adjustment of the saddle and the handlebar, height adjustment of the pedals. Optional: horizontal stability bar to place behind the saddle.

Dim. 55 x 95 x h 155 cm (max), weight 22 kg – Recommended basin depth : 1,20 – 1,60 m


Hydrojogg combines the effects of water resistance with the possibility to walk or run thanks to its fluid movement. Running surface 38 x 118 cm – Incline 13%

Dim. open : 67 x 135 x h 128 cm (max) – Dim. closed : 56 x 62 x h 128 cm (max), weight: 26 kg. Recommended basin depth : 0,90 – 1,50 m


Full and very easy to use training machine, combining the positive effects of rowing, crosscountry skiing, the stepping machine and the bicycle. It enable the use at the same time of all the muscles of the body whilst protecting muscles from any shocks. Great fluidity of movement thanks to waterproof bearings and the angles of the pedals. Upper body work using arm levers combined with large perforated blades. Dim. 56 x 112 x h 175 cm (max), weight: 26 kg – Recommended basin depth: 0,90 – 1,50 m